Update App gives error message

When Updating an Application through the Mendix Service Console (On premise), More than half of the time, when I do the Update App to install a new build, I get error message when the Mendix Service Console app processes the file to install it. Theres 2 messages I often see, one mostly happens when the progress bar is around 10% and it says “directory is not empty”. The other happens at 100% and says "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created." i usually end up retrying the operation 3-4 times and it works however this is far from optimal and i wonder if there is anything that will end up as not working properly in the application down the road. thanks
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That are known bugs, which do not occur in all situations and not on every server. They will be solved in a next version of the Mendix Service Console.

The problems are described on the following page with workarounds: