Custom select form

Is it possible to create a select form with for example a treeview? I have a solution with the inglorious helperobjects, but it would better without. If I need to change or create a widget can someone give me a waypath?
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You can use the GridView as a select widget: Suppose you want to relate an existing object of type X to some object of type Y.

  1. Create an assocation from X to Y: x._tempselection
  2. Create a dataview for type X, with a gridview that shows all (applicable) Y's in your database
  3. On the gridview assign 'x._tempselection' to the 'selection reference' property

  4. (Optional) define an action with 'Fire on selection' enabled, and a microflow (for context object) that has X as input parameter. In the microflow you can read the temporarily assocation

  5. (Optional) Add a custom save button to the dataview, in the microflow of the save button can read and store the _tempselection association

N.B. 1: Note that this pattern works for multi selection as wel

N.B. 2: If no validation or special logic is required, you could use the association you want to set as well, instead of the temp association. But note that the association might change as soon as you open the form.