Theme switching - Who would be interested in a widget for this?

I'm working on a theme switching widget as I need one myself. As a true theme switching widget is not available yet, I wondered if there are more people or organizations interested in a widget like this. If you are interested, pls let me know. I would be much obliged if you could sum up the extra requirements you have. Below a short description of the current working: When placed in the index.html, this widget will open another index file. An attribute (the switchattribute) is used to determine what index file to open. The attribute is part of an entity (the switchentity) that is related to the user. The applicable record is fetched with an xpath statement that has the following format: //switchentity[pathtouser = $user]. In other words, the switchentity record is related to the user and holds a switchattribute. The switchattribute's value is used to determine the name of the index file to open. In the example below, the values are One and Two. The name of the index file opened is derived as follows: "index-" + switchentity.switchattribute value + ".html" Examples: index-One.html and index-Two.html If switchentity.switchattribute value == "" (== empty string) the following index file is opened: index-default.html.
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Hi, is this widget available? Could I use it with 4.4 ?