gateway timeout error 504

Hi, Has anyone ever got a 504 gateway timeout error. I thought maybe someone might have come across this before. Raised a ticket, but might be someone out there with a clue to this mystery... We have a report (displays as a form with a datagrid as a result from aggregating a few thousand records) which displays a simple dataview with related (1:m) built on the spot datagrid. We ran it from several locations, at different times during the day and it takes just over 1 minute to run this report in production in the cloud, and we've always managed to get a successful result. The client however, gets a 504 error when running the same report logged into the cloud production app from their premises. We've thought it could be their proxy server, but they don't have one. There were some deliberations about speed and bandwidth, but we can run it using a small broadband connection. We can run it well, so we know it's not the app or the cloud environment, otherwise we would have the problem ourselves. I've also tried different browsers... no issues there. I reckon something else in their infrastructure that is cutting to 60s the time they are waiting for a response... is there anything else obvious that we could be missing? LR.
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Luis, If you use a microflow to generate the report and show the window with the results, try setting the microflow call type to Asynchronous. This resolved gateway timeout issues for me. Mike