Application not available on Linux server

We have upgraded our server to Mendix 4.3.2, running on Linux. When we start the aplication, everything seems to be running fine, but we are no longer able to open the application in our browser. This has worked before the upgrade but now it no longer seems to work. We suspect that we have to modify the yaml file, but we donot know how and what. Any ideas?
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I am running on Windows using the v4 Service Console, but there is now a configuration option for the Runtime server port where you can set it to listen locally, public or custom.

Looking at the yaml file this creates, there seems to be an entry in the Runtime section

RuntimeListenAddresses: "*"

I suspect this is the new entry you need, although I cannot find it documented anywhere

Edit: This is the info from the Release Notes for Mendix 4.3.0 which is a slightly different format to that listed above:

Remote runtime access

When running on premise and using a reverse proxy on a different server than the application, you should enable remote access to the runtime. For this, you need to have the latest version of the Windows service console or m2ee-tools for Linux.

Windows service console

set runtime server port listen address to 'public' in the configuration screen of your application.

m2ee-tools for Linux

update m2ee-tools to the newest version (0.4.4)
add the following configuration option to the 'm2ee' section of the m2ee.yaml configuration file:

runtime_listen_addresses: "*"