Firefox not loading all the datagrids in dataview form.

Good day, I encountered a problem with Firefox: it doesn't load the containing datagrids the first time I open the dataview form, if I go back and open it again then the datagrids are loaded. if I open the same form in IE or Chrome it loads the first time I enter the form. Any clue how I can prevent this? Note: the problem is independent of the selected record for which the dataview will be opened. The problem seems form-specific: it occurs the first time a form is loaded in a session. Accessing the same form for the same record OR another record solves the issue. Second note: the problem is not screen specific this occurs with other dataview forms that contain datagrids. I'm using Firefox 18.0.1, I haven't seen this error before. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Pieter, Firefox 18 uses a new javascript engine, which is causing this issue. I'm experiencing the same problems in a 2.5.3 application and a 3.2.1 application. I filled in a bug report (16199) for a fix for mendix 2 and 3. There is already a fix voor mendix 4.