Upgrade existing linux environment

We are trying to upgrade a linux test environment for which we also updated the m2ee tools by removing and adding them via the apt-get command. However when i try to start a mendix app by the m2ee start command i now receive a permissions error that states that i have no permissions write a pid file. The thing is that i noticed that it is trying to write the pid file into the home dir of the admin user as opposed to its own home dir. ERROR: Cannot write pidfile: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/<adminuser>/.m2ee/m2ee.pid' My guess is that we missed a setting somewhere that tells the m2ee command where to look/write it's files. But i could not find out where i could find this setting. Edit: it appeared that i had not set all the yaml settings correctly. Make sure to set all the following settings. pidfile,logfile,filename
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See the source examples