Compare revisions - Would be great to have that available for Mx code ...

Developing Java applications, every now and then you use subversions "compare revisions" to check what when a change was made. By whom. And why. The last part is difficult as this completely depends on the level the developer documented the reason. The second and first part, when and by whom, subversion is of good help. At least you get to see exactly what changed when and who checked the code in. Am I correct that nothing like that is available for the Mx code at the moment? Just now, I had to determine why a rollback was build in. I wanted to know who did it and when. The only thing I could come up with is opening old versions and looking into this specific MF to see if the change was there already. Another thing is the way I have to find the differences between two versions of a MF. Am I correct that the only way to determine the changes is to visually check the MF's? As the title says, would be great to have good developer support for these tasks.
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We are developing a DiffTool for comparing Microflow, Form ... for Mendix, I hope we will have the 1st release soon.

So it will look like this:


We recently had the situation where we wanted to revert some (not all) of the changes made in a revision that was a handful of revisions before the last one, while keeping all changes that occurred in later revisions. We thought we needed a way to compare the revision in question with the one that occured right after it, so that we could generate a complete list of differences and select the ones we wanted to remove. But as it turned out, a colleague knew that because the changes were restricted to a limited set of pages and microflows, the task could also be performed by only taking those from the revision prior to the changes, and putting them into the last and current revision. It's not an answer to your questiion, but it's a workaround in case reverting selected changes is the task at hand.