Merge conflicts - Would be great to see the two documents side by side

Merging often leads to conflicts. Trying to understand a conflict, you can drill down the conflict and get to a text representation of what has changed between "mine" and "theirs". One of Mx strengths and big plusses is the BPMN-like MF editor. This is great because people, especially the less technical people, find it easier to comprehend what's going on. This strength is not implemented (yet) to support the resolution of merge conflicts. Solving merge conflicts is a very precise job, sometimes. If you really have to understand what's going on in a MF to decide to stick with "mine" or go for "theirs", the textual representation of what has changed is worthless. You really need to see the full code. Currently I solve this with workaround. I copy my MF to MF_2 and accept "theirs". Now I have both MF's and are able to compare the visual BPMN representations. I still have to search very carefully through the MF's comparing every element as I have no other means of making a comparison (right?). To solve merge confilcts I really need to see the two MF's side by side. Would be great if Mx could provide support for that.
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That is a great idea, it would be a good addition to Mendix Business Modeler.

You can do a feature request in the Mendix support portal:

If you log a feature request there is a higher probability (if it adds significant value) that it will be considered for a future version than if you post it on the forum.

I found Mendix to be pretty good when it comes to listening to the requests of it's userbase.