How does CC-CommunityCommons.GenerateThumbnail resize an image

To save diskspace I want to resize an uploaded image to a max. of 600x400 px When an image is initialy uploaded the file is saved in its original size and a thumbnail is generated according to sizing properties of the filemanager widget. What does the CC-CommunityCommons.GenerateThumbnail action do? Does it resize the original image to the specified size and leaves the thumbnail unchanged, or does it generate a new thumbnail based on the specified size and leaves the original image unchanged? " The lather does not solve my diskusage issues". Solution ???
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It generates a thumbnail based on the original fullsize image. It does not change the latter so you would need to copy some streams around to replace the original image.

(In the next release we will add a more advanced resize call that can affect the original image as well)