Build dynamic data-grid

Hi In my reporting i have 16 different search fields and need to dynamically create dat view grids depending on the search criteria selected. Is this possible or does anyone have any suggestions.
2 answers

Default data grids have a search option, other option is to use OQL to create dynamic reports.


We had a similar issue and solved it as follows:

  1. Create a non-persistent entity with attributes for all searchfields and an enum for all different result-views
  2. Create a form with a dataview on the non-persistent entity with al search values and a custom search and reset button
  3. create the different result datagrids based on (a) microflow(s)
  4. set the conditional visible property based on the result-view enum

When search is selected you can set the enum based on the selected search criteria and the corresponding datagrid will become visible. Refresh dataview and the visible datagrid will be refreshed also based on the new search criteria.

This solved the problem for us.