Show Message does not work in Before Commit event.

I recently migrated a project from Mendix Modeler 3.2.1 to Mendix Modeler 4.3.2. In the previous version, there were a lot of Before Commits that were validating if attributes are filled or not. If not, an information, warning or error message was shown and the Before Commit Microflow was giving back a False Boolean. In these cases in Modeler 4.3.2, the message is not shown. When I first show a Validation Feedback Message and then a Show Message, I see the Show Message. Also when I give back a True Boolean, the message is shown. I hope that someone can give me a solution to solve this problem.
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Raise an error if the microflow returns false is checked?

You should consider removing the validations from your before commit and create a custom save button which validates the form and if ok commits your object with events.