Anonymous user issue - User accounts are removed, even if anonymous users is disabled

In Mx333 I found out user accounts are deleted from database (!) unexpectedly in the following situation (I checked, I did not see this same behaviour in Mx432): anonymous users were enabled, once, and a user role is selected for the anonymous users, after disabling anonymous users again, the user role can not be deselected, so it stays selected at the previously selected user role, an account is created with the user role previously used for the anonymous users, after logging in with this account, the account is not logged out correctly (no normal exit of the system), but instead, the user navigated to login.html and logs in again, but this time with another account, now the first account is deleted from the database. Looks like the system does a kind of cleanup it is normally doing for anonymous accounts. As anonymous accounts are disabled, this results in the problematic behaviour. (!!) The same is happening when anonymous users is enabled and a normal user has the same role as an anonymous user - the account can get deleted following the scenario above.
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