Displaying two different webservice responses in a form

I'm doing a small PoC with webservices, based on a public weather webservice (found here: http://wsf.cdyne.com/WeatherWS/Weather.asmx). I can already call the individual webservices and show the response in separate screens. However I would like to have the following in one single screen; provide a zipcode, click 'search' show the result of webservice1 (GetCityWeatherByZIP) show the result of webservice2 (GetCityForecastByZIP) Currently I'm facing some issues because I can only pass 1 form-parameter/object to a form. How can I show the original request, and the result of the two webservice-calls in a single overview? Thanks for your help, Alexander
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You should be able to create a higher level entity that both responses relate to. Simply take the response and create the association in the microflow. Then you can display that entity with the responses split out within the same form.

Or you can take both responses and build them into their own third entity type that you subsequently display.

If there's an issue with the fact that the responses are not persistent then change them to persistent and create a manual or microflow delete activity.