Changes not in deployment package

Hi there, I made some changes to a project which included editing an overview(data grid form) and adding an option to an already existing enumeration. I tested the changes locally and then committed. Created a versioned deployment package. Uploaded this package to the server(on premise). Redeployed the server with the new package. Logged into the application, changes were NOT there. What is important to note is that the service did not request to synchronise the database - strange seeing as I have changed the domain model. I also get a weird warning on the console Schema ID 066cc755-b4b6-4e3f-b0d0-b1652f27a2a8 does not exist. Retrieving all data for retrieve by xpath with params: {"schema":{"amount":20,"id":"066cc755-b4b6-4e3f-b0d0-b1652f27a2a8","sort":[["Expired","asc"],["_CreatedDate","desc"]],"offset":0},"count":true,"aggregates":false,"xpath":"//ClientConsumer_MasterData.EnrolmentPin"} Is there a reason that the package is not taking the changes properly? I have created 4 packages all with changes and the problem persists. I have deleted the entire project and re-downloaded it from TeamServer and the problem persists. Thanks EDIT : So I created a clean database in SQL Server and connected the application to it. This time it did sychronise the databse(obviously). But alas, my changes were not in. I'm not going crazy. I'm using the correct package
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