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So my idea is to make a quote database app from a tv-serie for mobile phone. I've got a little navigation thingy working now for mobile but im not sure how to show the data. I've downloaded the questionnaire app for this and am trying to modify it. When I try to link it from the webform I get this error Cannot reference the web form 'Questionnaire.Publications' from a mobile context. Right-click and choose 'Show details' to see the path through the application. (Path to form: Mobile menu item 'Quotes' > Mobile form 'Questionnaire.Home' > Microflow 'Questionnaire.mobileshowpubl' > Web form 'Questionnaire.Publications') Since there must be no admin panel on the phone since it's only for users to view. How do I do this? Because I have no idea how to insert the actual data for mobile.
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When you open the mobile form in Modeler, you will see controls across the top that you can place on your form. For data entry in mobile forms, use a dataview and connect it to an entity. Then you can place data entry controls (text boxes, drop downs, etc.) into that data view.

For data display, use a data view or a list view....

Mobile form intro and how to info can be found here: 4.0 Mobile Form Intro


I think the problem you are having is that you are trying to access a web form (Questionnaire.Publications) from a mobile form. As that form is a web form, not a mobile form, you won't be able to do that. I haven't looked at the Questionnaire module, but if it doesn't have mobile forms included, you'll have to build mobile forms to access the Questionnaire functionality.


That is indeed what I was trying. I made some mobile forms but I am unsure how to publish data in these. So the actual quotes with actor information etc.

I have the following mobile forms

A home form: Displays the home page with a button linking to the quote page (not containing data because I am unsure how to enter this

Quotepage Here the fields are shown without data but with the information it should contain. Actor, quote, season etc.

How do i get the data into these?