Version details and changes for Appstore widgets missing

I notice that the layout and theming for the appstore has recently been updated, which looks quite nice, but I can now no longer see what changes have been made in various versions of a widget. With the old layout, you could go to the list of older versions and see a summary of what changes were included. In the new version the list only includes the release date (which looks to be inaccurate as multiple versions are listed as being released on the same day, and the dates do not match the date when you drill-down). Clicking the Details button takes you to the download page, but again there are no visible details of changes in that version. Is it possible to correct the displayed release date and to include the version changes details somewhere?
2 answers

Open the app store from the modeler. There you still have the old layout with the details.




From the modeller they are available. BTW the modeler should download the correct version automatically.