IE7 Radio Button List in DataViewList not showing correct selection IE7

We currently have a radio button list being displayed with a DataViewList in the questionnaire module. The selection of a radio button value may or may not refresh the screen to show other potential questions. In IE7 when the selection of an answer to a question refreshes the screen, the previous answers displays. However the correct value is actually committed to the database. For example, we have a radio button with selections of "Yes" and "No". The answer of "No" triggers a refresh to show additional questions. When the original selection is "Yes" and I enter the form and I choose "No", the "No" value is written to the database and the additional questions are displayed but the "No" option is unselected and the "Yes" option is selected again when the screen refreshes. This issue only occurs for our customers on IE7. We have IE7 set up to check for newer versions of stored pages every time.
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