Widget: username / logout ect like home.mendix.com

Is there a widget available for developers which is used in the site: home.mendix.com for displaying the username in the top-right corner of the site.
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Here's one approach that might work. Create a new form with no title, containing the Microflow Label widget - this allows you to create a string to display from a microflow, such as 'Welcome '+$Account/FullName where you have first retrieved the Account object for the current user ([id = '[%CurrentUser%]'])

Having created this form, you can then place it in your UI using the Form Loader widget. This allows you to place it in any form, or (what I think you want) in the header area by setting the shared node ID property and adding a corresponding div to your index.html file

Microflow Label widget

Form Loader widget


Look at this post Using form loader to display name




I know about the formloader option - and i've already implemented it. But i asked for the "widget" like in the home.mendix.com -->

Try clicking on your name... you will see that a smaller popup below the name is shown with some links like "logout".

I could try to rebuild it using the standard feautures of Mendix... but of course if it is possible i want to use existing code if possible.