Clear breadcrumb path (not hiding the complete breadcrumb)

The breadcrumb in my application is not build up correctly because i'm not using the "navigation" of mendix. This means that my breadcrumb is buildup using the same formnames twice like: "Relation overview > SOTY Overview > Relation overview" I would like to clear the breadcrumb in some microflow actions. I should work the same as when the user presses the "home" icon from the toolbar. After clicking on that icon the breadcrumb is cleared. Also the default menu (navigation) of Mendix works the same when clicking on a new menu item the breadcrumb is cleared and filled with the new formname.
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The breadcrumb is actually a client side widget while the microflow is server side logic so i don't think you want to to mix these two up.

The problem here is, that the home button on the navbar clears the content pane, resulting in a clean breadcrumb path. But when you use a button to open a form it just stacks your form on top of the other form. The good thing is that if you use the close form button your older folder will automatically return, as you just removed 1 form from your stack. The bad thing (for you) is that this means that the breadcrumb will show forms double as it is just a representation of the form stack.

I think that the best sollution for now would be to create a custom button widget that cleans this stack and performs a microflow afterwards. Kinda like the home button does now.