combine kerberos single sign on and deeplink

Hi, We want to use the deeplink (appstore) functionality in our application. However, role based security is essential. We are using SSO (Kerberos Single Sign appstore) already. The remark in the deeplink module documentation: Cannot be combined with other Mendix Single Sign On solutions (unless all links allow guests) Makes me think it will not be possible to make this combination work. Anybody any experience with this combination? Thanks. In the meantime we have deeplinking almost working. Once someone is logged in, and a deeplink is used, the link is resolved properly. However when pasting the deeplink in a new browser window (new session), the user is logged in automatically (SSO) however the deeplink is not resolved and the user ends up in the regular home/startpage. Seems to be caused by the fact that no pending link is found. LoginLocation constant used (tried several): /sso/login?f=true&cont= We now tried the following loginlocation: ../sso/login?f=true&cont= When using my original link: http://XXXX-pc00X.XXX.local:8080/link/org/1700 It is changed to: http://XXXX-pc00X.XXX.local:8080/link/sso/login?f=true&cont=link/org/1700 and I end up at an information screen asking me to log in. The log indicates: Deeplink with name 'sso' not found. When I manually change the link to: http://XXXX-pc00X.XXX.local:8080/sso/login?f=true&cont=link/org/1700 The behaviour is identical to the initial situation (I end up, logged in, at the home form). In the meantime we have the solution working properly. We did require the very latest version of the deeplink app (not sure whether already present for download in appstore) in older versions the &cont was not handled properly.
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The newer version of the deeplink module have a "LoginLocation" constant, which allows them to be combined with SSO solutions. Just set the module constant to the value that triggers the single sign (usually "/sso/login?cont=" ) from the top of my head