Can a user edit the default value of a string attribute?

I have added text in the usual way in the definition of the attribute in the domain model. This text represents a question on a form which I want to appear on every form. I would like the administrator of the system to be able to edit this text while the system is in production (similar to the way he can edit the options in a drop-down list via an associated entity?). Is there a way of doing this? Many thanks, David
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There is no way to change the default value defined in your model on the fly, but there are other ways of achieving what you want. Define a new entity to store the value(s) you want set to the field.

Then, for your main object, if you replace the standard 'New' button on your datagrid with a microflow button called New, you can do whatever you want before you create the new record, like -

  • retrieve the string you want to use from the entity where you define this value
  • create a new record, and set the attribute to the retrieved value
  • show the form passing the newly created object to it

Hope this helps