Vote Up for feature request: User-Friendly URLs

Currently URLs look ugly and are non functional. What would a customer thinks when it sees an URL like this? Copy this URL into a new browser (tab) or forwarding the URLs to you colleagues does make no sense, because you always ends up at the same home page. It would be great to be able to see URL like this: "" while working in your application. When this is implemented with HTML5 “window.history.pushState” function you can even use your browsers navigation history buttons to go back and forwards. Please “Vote Up” this forum post if you would like to see this new feature coming sooner rather than later in a Mendix release. Thank you; Andries This post is related to the features request number 16581 in the partner portal. (DeepLink can open User-Friendly URLs but cannot display them while working in the application. Setting up DeepLinks for all your forms is a lot of effort)
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Luckily for you this is something that is planned for Mendix 5 (though probably not the initial release)

By the way, it is not necessarily a good idea to expose module name information like that so it will be more configurable than that.