Session objects in Java action

Per the earlier question, I am trying to force user logouts in a Java action. I passed a List of Sessions in from a microflow and obtained a List of objects of class system.proxies.Session, as you would expect. In order to close these sessions I need to call com.mendix.core.Core.logout (ISession), but this takes a com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.core.ISession, which system.proxies.Session does not implement. The only possibly helpful method I can see is static Core.getSession (UUID), but I don't know what a UUID is or where to get one. How do I get an object of some class which implements ISession, given a Session proxy object?
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The session object has an attribute SessionId of type String. With the method UUID.fromString(SessionId) you can obtain an UUID object which can be used to retrieve the associated session object.