Enum with spaces in Webservice definition?

Is it possible to use in a WSDL contract the Enum Captions for an attribute instead of the Names? (or define Values with Spaces and special chars like 'ë' in the Name of an Enum item?) I'm asking this because I need to define a Webservice with an attribute e.g. 'Kind' with three values : 'Nederland' 'Nederlandse Antillen' 'Italië' Now this is translated in Mx Enum into Name-attributes as: ( and therefore also in the WSDL contract) 'Nederland' 'Nederlandse_Antillen' 'Itali_' But the external application which calls the webservice only knows the first list with the 'real text'. So there's no match. I could,of course use a simple String attribute instead of Enum in the interface entity. But then the values are not automatically validated and afterwards still not mapped to the attribute on the domain model (which has the Enum list still)
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If you use a enumeration in a webservice the keys are used because the names are depending on the language settings.

In your case use a string attribute to receive the value from the caller and translate the string to the correct enumeration using a microflow.

Create a non persistent entity to receive the data and use a microflow to change the actual entity.