Execute microflow as user

I am trying to run a microflow as a different user than that logged in using the Community Commons java action executeMicroflowAsUser_1 but seem to be locking up my system. I am operating in a multi Tenant setup using the LicencePoolManager module. I have checked that an account from which I use the $Account/Name attribute exists before calling the javaAction The javaAction inputs I am using are: microflowname: 'Administration.PopulateTenantData' username: $Account/Name sudoContext: false arg1name: 'Tenant' arg1value: $Tenant - ($Tenant is available in the calling microflow) I can see the valus of $Tenant and $Account in the debugger variables and they are as I would expect. On calling the java action executeMicroflowAsUser1 the Debugger steps into the LicencePoolManager.BCoAccount microflow and appears to get into a loop once it steps to the success end event. There are no errors on the console Can anyone help point me in the right direction with this?
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I have received this response to my support request from Michel Weststrate. Just in case anyone else has the problem he replied as follows:

I just investigated this issue and I saw that the test project was running on HSQLDB. Your issue is simply solved by switching to a postgres database. HSQLDB is not a realistic test scenario for these kind of cases, because it locks an entire table instead of a single record, which, in this case, causes your app to hang.

I will contact first line support to make sure they add this to their general check list for test projects, so that you get this analysis way quicker the next time. Apologies for that!

I hope that this solves your issue,