Something to be aware of when doing batches

At Daywize we noticed that not all of the objects where processed when we used this batch method. After submitting a testproject the response of Mendix was that we did not use a sort in the retrieving of the next batch of objects and that therefore the retrieve would random select the objects to retrieve and thus that it could happen that some objects where never retrieved or that some objects would be retrieved twice. Now Mendix seems in the opinion that this is not a bug….. I hope that the how to on this subject gets adjusted because this to me this is not some trivial information, or that I at least get a warning when doing a custom retrieve that I should set sorting. Until then be aware when doing batches…. Regards, Ronald [EDIT] Fixed since version 4.7. Then they will sort on ID if no sort is given. Thank you Mendix!
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It's a nice feature request, did you sent Mendix a feauture request regarding this functionality?

But i agree with Mendix that it's not a bug, because it works as designed.

Keep in mind that if you want any control over a list of entities you're retrieving you should always use the sort option.


Default sort on ID, while executing batch retrieve, has been implemented in the 4.7.0. release!


This is one of those things that if you think about it sounds really logical but yet is overseen so easily.