Google Maps API key required/not-required and v2/v3

Hi there, I have run into a situation where our application Geocodes addresses and stores them(simple). But today I discovered that the addresses that used to work, are now not Geocoding. The status code that we get back from<ADDRESS>&output=csv&key=<API key> OR<ADDRESS>&output=csv Is 610, which is Bad key. According to Google this means that the key is either wrong or does not apply to the domain its being used on. Now here is my question: Google is going to deprecate v2 of the API and replace it with v3. But this new version has a different URL endpoint: Found it here Does the newest Mendix implementation of Google maps api(Google Maps Widget v3.4), actually use the new version? I upgraded now and we are still getting a 610, which is Bad key. I also noticed that the URL endpoint is still the same as the one in v2 of the api. Can anyone provide some insight into whether I am wrong or not. Also if I am doing something wrong, perhaps provide some suggestions as to what the problem is. Bottom line : We shouldn't need a key, why is it trying to validate the key? Thanks
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Okay so I imported the GoogleMaps widget 3.4 and then the GoogleMaps module 3.0.

This replaced the java files with new java files that in facet use the new endpoint. For some reason when I replaced the old module with the new one, the files were not replaced.

This fixed my issue.