When will the Mendix Idea forum be released?

At the last partner event Johan announced the soon release of the Mendix Idea platform / forum. I noticed several good idea's on this forum, they get many upvotes, but after a week or so they disappear from the forum and once in a while the idea is reposted. So the Idea forum is a very good idea and I'm curious when will it be released?
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Hi Herbert,

Currently we are completely occupied by the Mendix 5 release. As soon as we are GA with Mendix 5 we will start rolling it out in phases (first internally, then selected partners, and finally all our users).


Any news on this one?

Recently I submitted a ticket on which I got the feedback below. That brings me back on this question, to have the possibility to vote on feature requests. I think there are a lot of good ideas in the community that are now schedule for the backlog and are getting off the radar..

"We have analyzed the ticket and would like to inform you as follows.

Your ticket has not been scheduled for a Release within the next 3 months."


Hi Johaan,

Any news on this one? Maybe I have an idea for the mean time while not having this Idea forum (and that period is becoming pretty long) .

Is it an idea to start a Idea Strom Mendix forum post? Then people can upvote on answers as being the best ideas, and hopefully that the most supported ideas will become part of a next Mendix release.


Would be nice to have access to the backlog, so users can vote for new features.