Deploying an application that stores data in the build in database

Hi, we want to deploy an application onsite on a client server (Linux). This application runs completely in memory so there is no need to use a seperate database to store data. We do watnt to store the users/usernames in the Build in database. How can we configure both the application/Deployment archive and the YAML file so that we can use the build in database to store data on the server. thanks in advance
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The buildin database is not intended to be used on the production deployments. It's just a 'helper' so that Mendix can run out of the box without installing a database server.

So first suggestion: if you want to transfer data from PC to production and vice versa, never use built-in database. Personally I use the build-in database almost never (except for demo's, test projects, ..).

About the conversion: that's not possible without a complex database migration. The best thing to do is export / import or fill the data manually.