rendering in IE8/9 not working properly on the cloud

Hi, The rendering of popup windows and tabs in IE8/9 is completely different on cloud compared to what we have locally. We have just put on a fix specifically for i.e.8/9 as the client has spotted these online, and locally we have it running and rendering as close as possible to what shows in Firefox and Chrome, but now that we've uploaded the app to acceptance, the changes we made locally are nowhere to be seen, but the html source is correct and the css changed is also present (viewed via firefox firebug), so why would I see so different results? Cleared cache several times, re-started browser several times, logged in with another machine, and online it's always the same result... a silly looking rendered set of tabs, popup windows, etc. Is there anything we need to setup in the cloud portal regarding IE rendering? LR. I've just noticed that the font is also not what is set in the layout.css. I have checked the html source for the version locally and the one online, and they are identical, char by char.
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It might have to do with case sensitive file names in your theming? On local windows machines casing doesn't matter, but on cloud servers it does.