Incorrect search result by searching via DateTime in datagrid

I found the problem about date time during project development as explained below. Problem scenario: I'd like to search the order by its created date. Search criteria : Created date e.g. 2009-10-23 Expected result : The orders which were created on 2009-10-23 only. Actual result : The orders, created on 2009-10-24, also show. Example steps to generate the problem I created new order on 2009-10-24 Thailand time (UTC+7). The created date show to me via the web browser is 2009-10-24 which is correct. The created date recorded in the database is UTC time 2009-10-23 03:55:13.687. Then I search the order created on 2009-10-23 in the datagrid. I also get the order created in step 1 as the result which I don't want. What can I do or configure to get the correct search result? I use: MS-SQL Server 2008 Language using in Internationalization: en_GB (English, United Kingdom)
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There is a known issue regarding searching on datatimes. Sometimes (when running on SQL server) the next day is also shown due to a rounding error. This problem will be fixed in 2.4.5.