Calendar widget strangeness

I have a sales module in my application where I use the Calendar widget to provide a sales callback calendar. There are microflows defined for the change and click events. The permissions on these microflows (and the sales call entity) give permissions to the user roles defined in the sales module. I have another module for support tickets with its own roles defined, one of which is called User. A user with permissions in the Sales module can see the callback entries in the calendar, but they cannot change the entry duration, nor drill down through the click event. These microflows are not triggered (I have added debugging to test). It is as if the calendar is set to read-only, but it is not. Now the really strange part - if I add the (support) User role to the sales user account, then everything works properly, even though the User role has no rights to the Sales module... Then the even more strange part - if I create a duplicate of the (support) User role with the exact same permissions, and add my sales user to this role, then the calender actions do not work. Has anyone seen anything like this or have any idea what might be causing this? I have this behavior in version 4.3.2 and 4.4.1 Edit: I have investigated further and the issue seems to be with Alternate Home Pages. If I set a Role to use my default home page, the calendar drill-downs work. If I set that same role to a different start page, the calendars no longer work properly. This is with no change of the Role permissions. I will log a support ticket Update: The issue is still under investigation, but it looks like an issue with the sales Home Page containing the SimpleChart widget. In my Sales module the home page has a pie chart with zoom that displays callbacks. The support home page does not. Users starting from the sales home page cannot drilldown to a record in calendars. If I remove the SimpleChart widget from that page, the issue goes away.
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This issue was caused by a conflict between the Calendar Widget and the Simple Chart widget, and has been fixed in the new Calendar Widget v1.10.1 released today.

Thanks to Ursula and Roeland for getting this resolved