441 XPATH on datagrid using [%CurrentObject%] not showing results anymore

Hi, We were about to upgrade to 440, however we decided to do a quick test in 441 since some of the bugs solved seemed to be relevant in our case. However when doing a quick we noticed that datagrids with e.g. the following XPATH: [Interactions.InteractionTemplate_Signature = '[%CurrentObject%]'] Do not display any data anymore. We did not change anything to the forms and in previous releases/versions all worked as expected. Since the release notes do mention a bug being solved with related to these kind of XPATHs I am wondering whether we need to make some adjustment or whether this is a bug in 441. Kind regards, Brian
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Updated: It's a very unfortunate bug in 4.4.1, please get the 4.4.2 release to get rid of this issue.