Double scrollbars in IE10 after migrating to 3.3.5

We migrated to 3.3.5. to solve IE10 bugs. Problem is that we now see double scrollbars in IE10. I've inspected the divs who are causing the scrollbars: mendixFormView_contentPane (overflow: auto; in mxui.css) MxClient_contentManager = inline styling, also overflow: auto I can't do anything wiht the second one, because this one is inline styled. When I set the overflow of the endixFormViewcontentPane on hidden, there is no scrollbar in firefox and chrome. So that's also not a solution. So I tried to hide the scrollbar in MxClientcontentManager, but that resulted in not any scrollbar on my startpage, which is definitely required. Basically now i'm confused how to solve this one. Edit: When I hide the overflow in .djie div.MxClientcontentManager, the scrollbar is missing so I can't navigate to the bottom of the page. When I hide .djie div.mendixFormViewcontentPane, the scrollbar is also missing and I can't navigate to the bottom in forms with large dataviews.
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You can add specific styling for IE by using the .dj_ie in css. Check you're page in IE10 and check the html tag to see if a specific IE10 class is added, if so use that class for specificic IE10 styling.

Does your application show 2 scrollbars in IE9?