Mendix ORM

Could somebody please give me some information concerning the Mendix ORM. If it is based on somethin What its based on loosely? Rough idea of how the ORM works - high level Any additional information is welcome. This will be very helpful. Thank you
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The ORM in Mendix is influenced by UML Object Models but is unique for Mendix. The advantage of Mendix above the huge and complex case-tools are:

  1. It is easy to learn (low learning curve)
  2. Elegant design: although it is feature limited you can model everything.
  3. Hides complexity: Mendix is doing the time-consuming and error-prone work for you: the database updates, database integrity, performance issues, complex queries
  4. Refactoring/renaming is fully supported. Especially helpful in agile projects with new insights. Model integrity is fully guaranteed.
  5. Powerful associations which are far more than classic foreign keys.
  6. Full security supported
  7. All available from Java if needed.

The ORM creates tables for every entity and association. All retrieves are translated to the optimal query with respect to security.