webservice support in Mendix

As a result of the closing of ticket 15732 (wsdl gives error message), we have retested the WSDL that gave the problem in version 4.4.0. It appears that the problem, in the sense that an exception was raised, is resolved, but the wsdl still can not be imported. As a consequence, we have investigated the support of web services in Mendix and came to the conclusion that that support is very meager: from https://world.mendix.com/display/refguide4/XML+Schema+Support it reads that actually only the group indicator is fully supported (sequence and choice partially, all not at all). A group can not do without one of the three other indicators, so indirectly none is fully supported. The explanation that is given: "Some of these grouping constructs are not fully supported in domain-to-XML mappings, however, because they do not translate naturally to entities and attributes. For example, the choice construct is currently not supported and sequences are only supported if they occur at most once." Although xsd to rdbms mapping is not trivial, Mendix's solution herein is very blunt. Does Mendix consider a more extensive support to xsd to rdbms mapping?
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