Running deployed mendix apps through android apk

Hello, I followed this link to install and configure android environment on my PC. I have deployed my mendix app on mendix cloud on this link - I am trying to make an apk out of the mendix app. But the mendix app runs only on browser but not on the android emulator or phone. When I run the application on mobile, a blank screen is shown. I have followed everything from this link. but i don;t understand why i get a blank screen on mobile instead of the mendix app On the Logcat of the android simulator, last message shown is this:- 04-01 14:23:09.425: D/DroidGap(771): onMessage(spinner,stop) Please let me know on this ASAP..
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I see you created your own post, good :]

I suggest you first try it on your own machine using an emulator and by running the model directly from the modeller. One of the problems i encountered with installing it was that i had to point to a correct address when starting mendix from my emulator.

See this post for the solution to that.