Close form trouble after migrating to 3.3.5

We've migrated our app to Mendix 3.3.5 and something strange is happening sometimes. Our proces is like this: Customer does an order entry Customer clicks save Object will be commited, close form, microflow to redirect user to a new order This submicroflow creates an object and opens the right form. Now the strange part: After clicking save it happens that the client renders a new order and then you see your old order back. The user clicks on cancel, because he already saved this one. After that, the orderlines on this order are gone. Problem is that we can't reproduce this all the time. It happens on all browsers and it looks like the close form triggers after the microflow has opened a new order. So the new order will be closed and your old one will be visible. Normal reaction from the user that the clicks cancel. After that, the orderlines are created but not with correct values in the attributes. Just like the order lines are only created, not committed. Edit: Testproject added to my ticket 17036. This behavior happens only once in a couple of times. So not after every click.
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