Deeplink with two string arguments?

Hi, I am using a deeplink module to create a travel portal. The project has has trip and passenger entity. One trip has several passengers. I wanted to get an email confirmation on passenger using employee id for the trip using the trip id. So I need to have two string arguments one which retrieves the trip form trip id and second that retrieves the passenger of that trip based on the employee id. So, that employee can confirm that he has been added or removed from the trip. One passenger can also be in multiple trips. Is this possible using deeplink? If not what is the best work around to get an e-mail confirmation for it? Thanks in advance for all your help.
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You could create a separate object which will have a reference to the trip and the passenger. You can then use that string parameter to retrieve the object that has the combination of the passenger and the trip. The other option is to have one string and use the substring method to split the strings into two variables. E.G.

substring($inputString,0, find($inputString,'&')) - first part of string. substring($inputString,find($inputString,'&')) - Second parameter of string.


Hi there, did you see this post? It describes how you could use your own strings to retrieve the right object in your microflow.