Scheduled Event running microflow twice

A couple of my scheduled events seem to be running twice. I have debugged the microflow and have noticed that once the microflow has run it will then go back to the start and run it again. I have tried creating a new microflow, putting it into a sub flow and change the server time from server time to UTC. I have about 10 different scheduled events and the majority seem to be working fine, however a few seem to run twice. This is causing errors in the application. I have run the scheduled event on my local machine and I am able to replicate running the microflow twice. Has anyone else come across this issue?
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Hey Simon,

From the release notes of Mendix 4.3.2:

Ticket 15656: Fixed an issue where scheduled events were run twice.

It's a known bug which is already fixed.


I notice that there is a new appstore widget just released that allows you to schedule microflows, so if all else fails you could try that instead of a normal scheduled event