Adding data from multiple objects to a Document Template with microflow

Hi, I've been creating a certain system to create Task Risk Analysis files. The next step is to allow the user to print data on A4 sheet. Problem is that I don't know how to fetch data from multiple tables and collect it on one data sheet. I've used mostly * - * relationships and my problem is that the entities that I want to display won't show up. Only my main entity shows up but I cant select any related entities in the connector. I know it has something to do with the - relationships, I just don't know how to fix it without losing the reference set selector ability.
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To retrieve the objects you want, you can source datagrids and dataviews in your document templates using microflows. You can build the source microflows to retrieve the information you want from the many to many relationships and send the desired information to your template. Hope this helps -



Ivar, in the document template place a dataview with your main entity. Now within this dataview place again a dataview with the object you want to show and use as datasource a microflow. In this microflow you can use your main entity to retrieve the data you want to show and return this data (or object, or list) back to the document template.