Problems with datagrid and a double reference

I have two metaobjects (object A and object B). There are two references between the two objects. The references are set at object A (the arrow points towards object A). One reference is a reference set (N-0), the other is a reference (1-0). I have modelled a split screen. The left side shows a datagrid for object A, the right side shows a dataview for object A, once object A is selected in the left datagrid. Within this left-side dataview there is a datagrid for object B. The objects B in this datagrid are constrained by the selection of object A. The problem is that the objects B only show if their reference is set in both references between object A and object B. I want to drop the constraint for one of those references (the 1-0 reference). How can I do that?
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In 2.4 it is not possible to configure an association for shared context. The client automatically adds objects in the context to each association with the right type.

In our upcoming 2.5 release it is possible to configure this in the right way.

However, we have a nice solution for you:

  • Do not set your DataGrid for object B to listen.
  • Add a Dataview for object A which listens to the Datagrid for object A.
  • Put the DataGrid for object B in the dataview for object A.
  • For this nested datagrid you can select the right association. It is also possible to add an XPath constraint with use of the [%CurrentObject%] token.