Pass enclosing data view object to DynamicMicroflowTrigger

The dynamic MF trigger is a great add-on. It can create a dynamic label on a button and trigger a Micro flow. It passes on the context. For my application I need to pass 2 object ;the context and the 'enclosing data view object'. Just like a normal button. 1) How can I extend the DynamicMicroflowTrigger widget? a) In the schema definition (widget XSD) I do find the attribute 'needsEntityContext', Is there an attribute for the enclosing data view object? b) How can I pass on the 2 object on the mx.xas.action? mx.xas.action({ error : function() { logger.error("DynamicButton.widget.dynamicbutton.onclickEvent: XAS error executing microflow")}, actionname : this.onclickmf, context : this.dataobject, callback : function () {} }); Thank you. Andries
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You can not pass 2 objects to and from a widget. You can retrieve the enclosing context with a mx.xas.get and passing a xpath with currentobject. See other widgets how to do that.

You can modify widgets to your own wish, but you need to build one yourself first to get used to the way they work.

You can pass the inner object to a microflow and in the microflow retrieve the 'context' over the association.