Initialization of dojo widget in mobile fails

I was trying to implement a existing dojo widget in mendix, a slider, and while i get it working as a normal widget, my widget fails to initialize in my mobile version. The weird thing is the widget is created but when shown it only shows the html frame with no functionality on it at all. Is there some lifecycle method i have to call to finish the intialization or is it harder then that and is it not possible to use normal widgets like that in the mobile client? Here the code i call from my postCreate. postCreate : function(){ console.debug( + ".postCreate"); this.initValues(); }, initValues : function(){ console.debug( + ".initValues"); if (!this.slider){ this.slider = new dijit.form.HorizontalSlider({ name: "slider", value: 5, minimum: -10, maximum: 10, intermediateChanges: true, style: "width:300px;" }); } this.domNode.appendChild(this.slider.domNode); },
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The slider for mobile has data-dojo-type For example see here As there is a complete set for mobile from dojo, the standard desktop ones will probably not work on mobile.