refreshing issue in complex form?!

hi, We have form that erratically doesn't display the values in data views and graphs. One of our applications seems to continuously suffer from refreshing (so we think) issues. The financial app has a dashboard that accumulates the totals of financial details from one site or from the whole company. The form is large and contains four tabs, a range of datagrids, graphs and columns with dataviews that use microflows to get the data to be displaid. The initial microflow to generate the data is now running asynchronous as it was taking far to long to display the form. That works ok, but mainly the values in dataviews (which are pulled from its dataview own microflow) sometimes have data, other times don't. We've checked the database and the values are in the entity and respective objects, but in one instance, it shows, in the very next it doesn't. Every time the user closes the form, the entity is clean (in order to make sure the dashboard always shows the very latest data). we've changed the microflow back to synchronous to see if this could be affecting, but so far the problem is still there. And it gets even worse when viewing it in other browsers. When running it locally, firefox gets a result (values) 8 times in 10. Chrome 5/10, and IE 6/10. Online (production version) firefox gets a result 7/10, IE 5/10. It is just odd that one time we view the dashboard we see a field with £10,000 and next time we run it without changing anything else we see it with £0. then check the db, and the £10,000 is right there in the table. we cannot set the dataview microflows settings to synchronous or otherwise (differences in behaviour or microflow call within the modeler), but still don't know if that would be improving anything. The data for each dataview has all been setup when the call for displaying the dashboard has been made, so the dataview own microflow is just retrieving the data, so why wouldn't it show every single time? ?!Help?!
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What Modeler version are you using? I see that you have selected 3.3.2, but I am just double checking. Or did you include the manual JavaScript fix for Firefox 18?

The reason I am checking this is that versions 3.3.5 and 4.4.0 can lead to intermittent problems such as the ones you are describing. This is because of the Firefox 18 fix they contain. Also, if you included the manual JavaScript fix you can run into these problems. Please, have a look at the tech post about versions 4.4.3 and 3.3.6.



May be not related, but we also have some screens where a lot of data is collected. We have the behaviour that when we click to soon on the form (so while the form is still loading) we sometimes get similair behaviour. Fields are empty while they in fact are not. Reloading the page solves it. You have to wait untill the whole page is loaded before clicking on the form to see all the data. Clicking to soon results in empty fields. In our case we see this behaviour more in firefox and less in IE.