I want to cast currentuser to subobject and use that object in a form

I have an object (let's say "person") that inherits from system.user. I want to open a form on current person, so that I can for example show all activities assigned to the current person (a "My Activities" form). Is it possible in a microflow to cast currentuser to person so that I can open a form on that person? An inheritance split does not help because the object going into the split is the system.user (namely currentuser). If not, what approach should I take? Reason to make person inherit from system.user and not use system.user is that person has additional attributes, such as organization.
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In a microflow you can add an inheritance split. If you open the properties of this inheritance split you can always choose CurrentUser as input variable. If you select CurrentUser you can have an output arrow for each subobject of System.User.


In your microflow you can use a Retrieve object where you retrieve the Person object from the database and use an XPath constraint as such:

[Name = $CurrentUser/Name]

As Person inherits from System.User is has the Name that the CurrentUser (A System.User object) also has and this should get you the CurrentPerson.