Trouble with Excel Importer v3.0.2 looping

We upgraded our Excel Importer to v 3.0.2 and, at the same time, upgraded the MxModelReflection to v3.0.3. After doing this, we notice that our imports are looping when we have a lot of rows. For example, if we import 1,000 rows, it will complete. But when we import 28,000 then, in the console log, it will say complete but immediately start a new import all over. The other interesting thing we noticed is a duplicate import will sometimes start. So while the first one is still running through, there will be a second one that started. When the first one stops, another immediately starts and the cycle keeps going with starting and creating duplicate imports. Does anyone know why it would loop and never complete? Thanks *Update: We were not successful with downgrading as Chris suggested below. We did find two interesting items. Stopping concurrent execution of IVK_ImportTemplateDocument will stop the problem. The other item we noticed is the microflow is getting called 10 minutes after the initial start. We are wondering if there is some sort of timeout/retry event occurring?
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