Debugging Linux Runtime (4.4.2)

Hello, I am currently trying to debug a remote Mendix Runtime on linux. Can someone please explain how to set this up? Do I need to change any parameters in the m2ee.yaml or execute a command in m2ee to enable this? I'm trying to connect to the application URL as ( and I'm using the admin_pass from the m2ee.yaml file, although I'm not sure what password the modeler expects when I use the Connect option in the Debugger window. If this should be possible on a Linux based Mendix Runtime, then please update the debugging documentation with this specific setup. Kind regards and thanks, Nick van Wieren
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If you want to use the remote debugger on linux, just use the enable_debugger and related commands to activate it, after which you can use the modeler to point to the /debugger/ sub-url.

If your application is behind nginx, be sure to proxy_pass the /debugger/ sub-url to the actual application:

m2ee(m2eetest): enable_debugger
Please enter the password to be used for remote debugger access from the modeler, or leave blank to auto-generate a password: 
INFO: The remote debugger is now enabled, the password to use is ofhqa9geHU3bnPTHnEylcscj
INFO: You can use the remote debugger option in the Mendix Business Modeler to connect to the /debugger/ sub url on your application (e.g. 
m2ee(m2eetest): show_debugger_status
INFO: The remote debugger is currently enabled.
INFO: There is no connected debugger session.
INFO: There are no paused microflows.
m2ee(m2eetest): disable_debugger
INFO: The remote debugger is now disabled.

The admin_pass you're refering to is a local password that's used for communucation between the m2ee client and the runtime as simple authentication to fire requests to the runtime, like the enable_debugger command shown here. You only set it to a long random obscure value and never need to use it anywhere else:


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