Customizing button set Rich text editor

We're using the rich text editor to manage documentation in our portal. We would like to customize the button set which is used in the editor, because we don't want user to change the layout and styling of the provided content. The 'simple' button set seems to be the most appropriate one for us, but it lacks the option to upload images. Uploading images is possible in all the other button sets, but we don't want users to mess up the content with all sorts of styling in the editor. So we would like to create our own button set, with the same buttons as the mendix Q&A button set: Bold Italic Hyperlink Quoting Code highlighting Image upload Listing I think it's only possible to influence the button set by changing the rich text editor widget. Anyone with some tips orinformation how to approach this or a workaround?
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Just add a value to the enumeration button_set and catch that in the javascript file.

e.g. in the xml add

<enumerationValue key="custome_style">custom_style</enumerationValue>

then in the simplerichtexteditor.js add:

case "custom_style":
                           btns = {my_selected_button  : 101,
                                        my_selected_button2: 102

the name of the buttons that you can select can be found inside the js file.